Sustaining Jobs and Community: Can Cooperatives Save Milwaukee?

“Milwaukee needs jobs. But not just any old job will do: we need meaningful work, and we need to enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of ownership. The city could start modestly with a city resolution to support cooperatives worker and community ownership with investment, education and outreach. The result will be improved communities, improved workforces, and a thriving, truly local economy.”

Check out the full Shepherd Express article, written by Public House Board of Directors/Lifetime Member/PH Designer – Peter F. Murphy, found here:

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One Response to Sustaining Jobs and Community: Can Cooperatives Save Milwaukee?

  1. R. N says:

    Cooperatives are very important, and I absolutely believe we need more and more of them. It is a bit unrealistic to wax poetic about them saving Milwaukee though. Cooperatives cannot provide enough living wage jobs to save Milwaukee. The majority of labor at cooperatives (other than big ones like Outpost), is volunteer. We need to address police tactics, racial profiling, and segregation. That will be the number one most important thing to saving Milwaukee, and it’s something that people never talk about in articles about Milwaukee. However, co-ops ARE awesome and we should have more of them! They will make Milwaukee more awesome, but won’t single-handedly save it.

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