Activism Weekend!

Dontre Hamilton Planning the Revolution and Fundraiser

Friday September 26th 6PM $5

We’ll be holding a fundraiser for the Coalition for Justice on Friday September 26th. We’ll have performances by family members and friends of the coalition and we’ll be making signs and banners to prepare for the September 30th speak-out and march.

We ask for $5 at the door. (No one will be turnd away due to lack of funds!) The fight for #justicefordontre is going strong, but the Coalition for Justice will need funds to win. We invite you all to join us for some music and fun with fellow freedom fighters. Everyone is invited to share their own talents, as well, so feel free to bring your instruments!

We have come so far, but It is more important now than ever to sustain the momentum in our fight. Join us as we continue to organize and build towards a Milwaukee free of racist police and white supremacists. If we can all come together, there is no question that we will win!

CoSponsored by the Step By Step Collective and the Riverwest Public House Cooperative



A Latinamerican Journey- Step By Step Fundraiser

Saturday September 27th 7PM $5

A night of live Latin music and dance!

From The Andes mountains to the Llano, from the fertile Pampa to the Yunque rain forest, passing through the driest desert of Atacama to jump into the tropical beaches in the Atlantic.

Come sing with us, dance with us, request songs…..

Nelson Soza, a lifelong guitar wizard and father extraordinaire, and his daughter Carolina will be your navigators through this adventure!

* $5.00 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


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