September Calendar























Here is what is happening this month at the Riverwest Public House!

9/1 War Beyah, Taiyamo Denku, Ricky Diaz, Bent Halo, Super Ego, Retroh Spektive 9pm $5 21+ 

9/2 (ORB), Dogs in Ecstasy, The Hecks  9pm $5 21+

9/3 Punk Fest 6 after party with The Pukes + The Kickstand Band + The Hullmen 9p$5 21+

9/4 Mo Troper, Bad Wig, Holly & The Nice Lions  9p$5 21+

9/5 Karaoke Night FREE 7pm

9/6 Know More Music Series: Izzy Strange & Zeus w/ Cullen Sampson, Mozaic, B Justice, Cinco, CleretiC 2pm FREE

9/10 Pants Off Dance Off Party 9pm FREE

9/13 Lifetime Achievement Award, Dash Hounds (Madison) and Honeymooners 9pm $5 21+

9/15 Jennifer Hall, Pleasure Thief 9pm $5 21+

9/16 Awktopus, The Von Tramps 9pm $5 21+

9/17 TIME, Luxi, Dan of Earth, Hideous Replica, and Apollo Vermouth 9pm $5 21+

9/18 The Drag Republic 9pm $3 21+

9/24 Dumpster Doves, Snake Oil, and Bam Bam & the Gigolos 9pm $5 21+

9/25 Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra FREE

9/27 Plum, Ravi Lola, Astral Subastral, Moon Rats 9pm $5 21+

9/29 Faux Fiction and Mobina Galore 9pm $5 21+

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