Here’s what’s happening in October!


Music Listings

10/1 Doubletruck, Solar max, Slow Walker 9pm $5

10/8 (Membership Drive Kick-off) Florida Brothers Band, The Grovelers, and The Revomatics 9pm $5

10/13 Oozing Wound, Platinum Boys, Christmas Bride, Powerwagon 9pm $5

10/14 Fundraiser! Lauryl Sulfate, Chakara Blu, and TBA 9pm $5

10/18 Chew (Atlanta), The Women, Monotaur, and Deadly Friend 9pm $5

10/21 Nots, Zed Kenzo and TBA 9pm $5

10/22 The Icks, Sleeper Sound and Beaker 9pm $5

10/27 The Imaginatron, Economy Superstar and TBA 9pm $5

10/28 9th Annual Halloween Harvest Costume Party: Intergalactic-Planetary: Evacuate the Earth, Tapebenders, Astral/Subastral & Dark Sacazm 9pm $5 donation

10/29 NO/NO, Soup Moat, Piles and TBA 9pm $5

10/30 The Drag Republic 9pm $3

Community Events

10/1 Sorry Not Sorry 1pm Free

10/3 Co-Op Dev Roundtable 1pm Free

10/3 Karaoke 9pm Free

10/4 Vice Presidential Debate 7pm Free

10/5 Trivia 7pm Free

10/8 Co-Op Fest 8am Free

10/10 Karaoke 9pm Free

10/11 Drinking Liberally 6:30pm Free

10/12 Trivia 7pm Free

10/15 Bike Smut: Science Friction 8pm

10/16 Erick Lyle (Streetopia) and Overpass Light Brigade presentation 7pm Free

10/23 Night School: Sex Ed 7pm Free

10/24 Karaoke 9pm Free

10/25 SCREENING: Return of the Living Dead 9pm Free

10/26 Trivia 7pm Free

10/31 Membership Drive Ends: Costume Competition, Karaoke, FREE FOOD 9pm Free


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