Here’s what’s happening in November!



Music Listings

11/3 Liz de Lise and Lady Cannon 9pm $5

11/4 Telethon, Honey Creek, One Size Fitzgerald 9pm $5

11/6 Luxotica Lounge Cabaret 9pm $10

11/10 Beef Jerk and TBA 9pm $5

11/11 Camp Sugar and Bootleg Bessie 9pm $5

11/12 Big Lo w/ DJ Killa Kutz, Knowshun, Denku, Boombox Saintz 9pm $5

11/13 Brief Candles and Gauss 9pm $5

11/18 Halloween Hangover  9pm $5

11/19 William Within and Tapebenders 9pm $5

11/20 Know More Music 9pm $5

11/25 4th Street Elevator 9pm $5

11/26 Odd Person, Dismantle, Sam Pekarske, Blasted Ellipses, Максим Приходько, Cat Ries 9pm $5

Community Events

11/5 Sorry Not Sorry 1pm FREE

11/8 Drinking Liberally 6:30pm FREE

11/8 Election Night Coverage 7pm FREE

11/9 Riverwest Yogashala 1pm FREE

11/13 Night School: Sex Ed 7pm FREE

11/14 Theology on Tap 7pm FREE

11/19 Riverwest Sessions 2pm FREE

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