Special Membership Meeting Sunday Feb. 25 & Monday Feb. 26

February 16, 2018

Dear friends & members of the Riverwest Public House,

The last few months have been ones of intense struggle to find a path to financial sustainability. Among our successes have been some great events – some new/ some returning. Along the way, there have been many significant challenges.

A group of 15 concerned members/ members of the events & membership committee have collected enough signatures to petition the board to hold a Special Meeting of the membership. Due to urgency and depth of topics, we feel two meetings are necessary in order to give proper time to items, respect people’s time, and ensure the most members are able to attend at least one.  These meetings will be held Sunday Feb. 25 @ 3-6 pm & Monday, Feb. 26 @ 6-9 pm.

These meetings have been called by a group of concerned members and the events committee, due to the lack of communication to the membership about the actual state of the RWPH. It has been called using Section 5 article 2 of the bylaws (see below for bylaw). There has been rumors of the state of the finances, who is on the board or isn’t, and seeming confusion on whether there is a current lease, liquor license or even who is on the board. It is imperative that membership become fully informed on these matters and more in order to make qualified decisions about the bar. The bar is broke and from conversations held today with Tracey Collins (Treasurer) is insolvent. The fact that the financial reality has gotten this far without communication to the membership is a huge issue, and yet at this time the membership needs to ensure ethical decisions are made using cooperative principles from here on out.

The first meeting on Sunday will be to discuss what has brought us to this moment in time and consider our options; the second meeting on Monday will be to discuss next steps. We hope that you can join us for these important sessions on Sunday Feb. 25 @ 3-6 pm & Monday, Feb. 266-9 pm.


Yours in cooperation,
Kristi Secord
Riverwest Public House Events/ Membership Committee Member

Section 5. Frequency and Announcements of Meetings.  

  1. ii. Special Meetings of the membership may be called by the Board or through a petition to the Board signed by any ten (10) members.  The exact time and place of this meeting will be posted inside the principal office and written or electronic notice (member choice) shall be sent to membership at least seven (7) days prior and no more than thirty (30) days prior to said Special Meeting date



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