Action Items from Special Membership Meeting Sunday Feb. 25 & Monday Feb. 26 and Weekly Update

Mail Chimp went out morning of 3/1/19:

Notes & documents relating to meetings can be found here:

RWPH Board/ Leadership Action Items:
1. Send Weekly Updates to Membership via email, Facebook & website
2/28 – Update has been published to Public House website.
Please read as a lot has happened since Monday.

2. Meet with Lawyer (Nola Cross) asap to discuss:

  • Lease options
  • Exit strategy – Plan B

3. Solicit advice from 1-2 local business owners before next Membership Meeting on Monday, March 12 @ 6:30 pm

4. Solicit qualified & committed interim Board Members (who will need to be elected to a term at the Annual Meeting in May.)

5. Solicit Donations to pay off debts.

6. Create formal proposal(s) to:

  • amend Bylaws
  • restructure board
  • hours of the bar
  • tobacco license
  • etc.

7. Give membership notice to:

  • review proposal(s)
  • meet to discuss & vote on proposal(s)*

Note: Bylaw changes require 30 days notice. Other changes require 7 day written notice.  Quorum is 10%, or 20 members.

8. Meet with RW Coop Finance Committee to discuss potential loan

9. Provide regular weekly financial updates during March & potentially beyond (until we are financial sustainable)

10. Seek out new Workers (train on core values & importance of membership & welcoming atmosphere)

11. Once finances stabilize: return to business plan from last Jan. Membership Meeting to revisit list of improvements (repairs, POS, extension of premises, merchandise, etc.)

Membership Action Items:

Visit the bar often – with friends.
Goal: On average, 5-6 groups with 5 drinks per day would go a long way to helping the bar.


  • Apply to become an interim Board Member (current job descriptionBoard interest form)
  • Join the Events/ Membership committee – next meeting is Sunday, March 4 @ 11 AM
  • Host an event (fundraiser, educational, etc.)
  • Door shift – Collect Cover charge on Friday / Saturday
  • Flyering
  • Sound
  • Sign up a new member
  • Laundry (wash bar rags)
  • more…

Email & let us know how you’d like to participate.

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