This Weekend at Public House (1/30-1/31)

Friday January 30th 9:00pm  $5



Saturday Janaury 31st  9:00pm  $6

Couch Flambeau + GO GO SLOW + The Grovelers


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This Weekend at Public House

Friday January 23rd  9:00pm  $5

The Violet Hour + Lisa Ridgely + The Bang Bang


Saturday January 24th  9:00pm  $7

Riverwest FemFest After Party!

Riverwest FemFest is geared towards celebrating the strong, talented women in our community while donating to a great cause! All proceeds from this event will go directly to the Milwaukee Women’s Center, which houses and helps victims of domestic violence (men, women and children), people living with mental illness, people needing assistance with overcoming substance abuse, etc.
Cover charge will be $7 per show, but can be reduced to $5 with any donation listed on the MWC’s “Specific Donation Needs” page, which you can find here –

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This Weekend at the Public House! (1/16-1/18)

Saturday January 17th   9:00pm $5

Platinum Boys (7-inch Release Show) + MAMA + Midnight Reruns

Sunday January 18th   6:00pm   FREE! 

Night School: Sexual Education




Sunday January 18th    8:00pm  $10

Come witness the culmination of the first ever Ladies Rock Milwaukee camp! The ladies will perform their original songs crafted with their bands during camp. Show your love and support for our lady rockers and get ready for a night of amazing performances!

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Night School – Sexual Education for Adults: Ethical Non-Monogamy

Sunday, January 18th, 6-8pm


What is “ethical non-monogamy” and how do you know if it’s right for you? If it is right for you, how do you go about it without making a whole hot mess out of your relationships? This workshop will go into detail the ins-and-outs of polyamory and other forms of ethical non-monogamy as well as how to do it successfully.

Featured presenter: Lyndzi Miller is a sexual health and wellness educator at Milwaukee’s female-owned, feminist-operated The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique. She runs the Milwaukee Poly discussion and social groups that meet monthly and has been poly since 2007.

(Please stick around after Sex Ed for the LADIES ROCK show! More details: 

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This Weekend at the Public House (1/8-1/11)

Thursday January 8th   9:00PM  $5

NO/NO + (ORB)+ Stephen Sturpp and the Expunks + DJ Joey Turbo

*This show will be free with the donation of new or gently used winter gear, all donations will be given directly to Lutheran Social Services: Refugee Resettlement Clients*


Friday January 9th  9:00PM   Free

Pants Off Dance Off: Riverwest Edition

Pants Off Dance Off is an underwear dance party. No theme this month, so just leave your pants at home and come get weird with Claire and Jackson while they play you the best in punk rock, garage rock, pop punk, new wave, rock & roll, and whatever the hell else they feel like playing.Pants Off Dance Off is both a body positive and queer-friendly event.


Saturday January 10th  9:00pm  $5

Hunterchild + Pleasure Thief + 5+rugl3 $se55ion

“Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Luke Aaron Jones and fellow Dreamers of the Ghetto alum Marty Sprowles pared down the widescreen stadium-sized rock of their former band to the more intimate, introspective Hunterchild. Jones’ vocals are more arresting than ever, indebted as much to vintage Peter Gabriel, Prince, and Depeche Mode as the rich well of electronic R&B explorations from a similar orbit as James Blake and The Weeknd in their most powerful moments. Hunterchild are comfortable in their own skin in a way that’s almost unheard of for debut artists”


Sunday January 11th  2:00pm-5:00pm  Free

Riverwest Public House Clothing Swap

Clean out your closets, bring in that bag you’ve been meaning to take to Goodwill, or recycle that sweater you hate that you got for Christmas that someone else would love and bring home some new duds! We’ll have everything sprawled out on stage for you to peruse and have a little changing area for you to try stuff on.
Please don’t bring in super stained, ripped, damaged, or nasty stuff. We will be donating whatever is left behind.
Our usual, delicious $5 Bloody Mary special will be running to increase your browsing pleasure.

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Civil Liberties on Tap: Racial Justice through Marijuana Decriminalization

Wednesday January 7th 2014

Civil Liberties on Tap: Racial Justice through Marijuana Decriminalization


Join us to discuss Alderman Kovac and Alderman Hamilton’s proposal to decriminalize marijuana in the City of Milwaukee.

Significant racial disparities exist in marijuana enforcement. In 2011, African Americans were over five times more likely to get arrested than white people, despite similar rates of usage. Even as the total number of arrests decreased slightly from 2010 to 2011, the disparity of Black vs. White arrests increased. A criminal record for simple possession creates a lifetime of collateral damage. The punishment should fit the crime, and public opinion increasingly favors more sensible drug policy and a new approach to marijuana.

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Do you have plans for New Years Eve? No? Well don’t worry about it, we have the whole night planned for you. Starting at 10:00pm we have Milwaukee’s finest burlesque troupe the Cream City Cabaret performing a special three hour set. This performance will feature acts from all across the midwest, including Milwaukee’s best burlesque performers. After that, we have three local DJ’s spinning records to shake your booty to. Armahn The Hammer, Joey Turbo, and Hollywood Hewz have been known to throw some of the best dance parties in the city. THEN, once you have boogied as hard as you can boogie, stick around for our service industry breakfast at 4:00am. If you know anyone who has to work late that evening, please pass on the details! We look forward to ringing in the new year with you!


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