Jaill + Phylums + Dogs In Ecstasy this Friday, 5/22

Come hang out with Jaill and an all-local lineup featuring Phylums and Dogs In Ecstasy this Friday night at the Riverwest Public House!

Originally scheduled to be their record release show, Jaill’s fourth full length “Brain Cream” will be coming out on June 30th with their return to Burger Records (Shannon And The Clams, Twin Peaks). You can pre-order the album here.

“Jaill is a Milwaukee band that has made it. They were signed to Sub-Pop, with labelmates like Father John Misty, Beach House, and The Postal Service. Now they are with my personal favorite record label, Burger Records, and have got an album coming out at the end of June.

They’ve got a new song too, called “I got an F” — and I love it. It’s about failing in a social situation. So many times you are out with someone and you’re thinking, ‘This is a test. If I get all the answers right, if I do all the right things, I’ll pass and everything will be good. We’ll all be happy.’ But a lot of times it just feels like you were studying the wrong textbook and you just guessed for every answer, and inevitably, you got an F.

This song is for those kids in social summer school.”

– Justin Barney, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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RWPH This Weekend! The Unknown + Piles (LP release) + Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (Baltimore)

8pm // $5
// more info
The Unknown + Behind The Weekend + heavycritters + Mark Adams Son Of Bill

9pm // $5
// more info
Piles (LP Release) + Jerome and the Physics (Brazil > Bloomington, IN) + Midwives

9pm // $6
// more info
Ed Schrader Music Beat (Baltimore) + Rio Turbo + Dogs In Ecstasy + Holy Shit!





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Sex Ed for Adults: MILF’s Night Out!

This Mother’s Day, keep the party going after brunch. Celebrate the end of Mother’s Day with other MILFs at the Public House.

MILFs Night Out! Night School: Sex Ed for Adults is hosting a conversation with moms (and all parents) on the joys and challenges of sex, sexuality and dating while parenting. Join us for games, 2 for 1 drinks and the opportunity to get to know other awesome parents like you!

If you’re not a parent, you probably know someone who is. Maybe you should invite that mama friend to the MILFs Night Out? Or you could give ’em the best Mother’s Day present by offering to babysit so they can enjoy a night out.

RSVP on the facebook event here

About Night School: Sex Ed For Adults
As we were hanging out at the bar, we got to talking about the lack of real education, understanding, and the misinformation surrounding sexual health. So, we created a sexual education series for adults! A fun, affirming, and open space where people can learn accurate information, talk about personal experiences, and ask candid questions. We are bringing in community advocates, educators, and experts to facilitate conversations on topics such as anatomy & physiology, gender, sexual practices and pleasure, reproductive rights and responsibilities, and life stages. During the initial periods we’re going to review the “basics” and then move on to more specific subjects.

Sorry, you must be 21 or over to attend unless you are accompanied by a legal guardian.

Contact Kelly Todd / membership@riverwestpublichouse.org for details.

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Annual General Meeting: May 31 from 5-8pm

We’re about to have our Fifth Annual General Meeting (AGM)! It’s coming up quickly: May 31st from 5-8pm at the Public House. This is the time every year when we reflect on how the Public House is measuring up to its threefold mission: to be a community gathering place; to serve local, organic, and tasty drinks, and to help build the cooperative movement in our neighborhood alongside the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance.

At the last couple of AGMs, we’ve encouraged your participation and voice by putting up great big sheets of paper on the walls, giving you some nice-smelling Sharpie markers, and letting you go to town. This year will be no different. The “writing on the wall” gets reviewed by the board in the months following the AGM and the Board takes these messages into account. It’s a great way to give feedback to the Public House as a valued member-owner. Although we’re always here to listen if you’ve got a compliment, comment or concern.

It’s also a potluck. A very special potluck, indeed. Bring your favorite dish to share with your favorite co-op bar. You know what’s always great? When everybody only brings chips. Nope that’s awful, so don’t. Don’t just bring chips. If you bring chips, you have to bring something else too. Or whatever. You can bring what you want. Nobody’s going to judge you. Unless you only bring chips.

We’re also gonna raffle off some cool goodies like pint glasses and t-shirts and stuff to people. So bring your rafflin’ face.

Most importantly, this date marks the time each year when our members get to elect new members to the Board of Directors. The board of directors is the 9-person body that helps guide the course of the bar through long-term visioning, financial oversight, and governance. This year we have 5 vacancies! For those who don’t want to math, that’s the majority of our Board. Think you’ve got what it takes? We could use some help in the following:

● business management
● finance and bookkeeping
● human resources
● community outreach or organizing
● project management
● administration

To fill out an application to be on our Board of Directors, please click here. You can email your form to board@riverwestpublichouse.org or simply drop it off at the bar.

AGM Season-cooperation-makes-happen-01

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New Spring Seasonal Drink Menu

With the days getting warmer and warmer, we’re excited to start serving you drinks off our new spring seasonal drink menu. Come stop in for one today!

Spring Seasonal Drinks
– Mule Killer
– Disco Pom
– Pisco Sour
– Electric Fence
– Grand Marnier Iced Coffee
– Lavender Three Ways (Collins, Whiskey Sour, Hibiscus Cooler)

As a polite reminder, membership at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative has it’s perks! Enjoy $1 off taps, rail mixes, most seasonal and specialty drinks, Great Lakes Distillery spirits, wine, coffee, tea and juices.

You can view our full menu here – weekly specials, specialty cocktails, breakfast drinks, local pizza, coffee/tea, and breakfast from the Riverwest Co-op on the weekends.


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Buy, Renew, or Refer during our March Membership Drive!

MarchMember2015-01It’s time for our March Membership Drive! It’s our goal to get 100 new/renewal  memberships. Can you help us out?

You might have heard but we’re a very different kind of bar: we’re a cooperative! We don’t one central owner or boss; instead, we’re community-owned and run completely by our workers. Our mission is to be both a great bar/venue but also a community space that is rooted in social and economic justice. When you become a member, you own a part of the bar, with a few hundred of our neighbors. Membership at our cooperative is a great way of getting more involved in the community and making hyper-local democratic economic change.

If you become a member during our March Membership Drive, we have a bunch of sweet prizes on top of all the normal benefits of membership. This month if you join, renew, or refer, you’ll get a free beer. You’ll also get a “Friends with Benefits” coupon that you can use for free admission to any show or event. You will also automatically be entered into a raffle so there’s a chance of winning three different prize packages. And we’ll even throw in some of our new stickers and buttons. If you have any questions about membership please either ask your bartender or email Kelly at membership@riverwestpublichouse.org. Check out all of the regular member incentives here.

And in case you didn’t catch it yet, read this article that was originally printed in this month’s Riverwest Currents “Bits and Pieces” section:

“Many residents of 53212 and throughout Milwaukee are proud members of the Riverwest Public House Cooperative. Something about the place inspires them. Maybe that it’s community-owned, a small piece of the larger puzzle of local economics. Maybe it’s the drink discounts and member-only events. Maybe they enjoy the place and support it sticking around. Whatever the reason, hundreds have invested their hard-earned money into Wisconsin’s only co-op bar. Thank you.

Right now we are gearing up for our March Membership Drive. All new members, renewals, and referrals get a free beer! Now’s the best time to renew/join because you get the free beer and you get entered into a raffle for a Milwaukee Pizza Company pizza party among other prizes. (Note to members: if you renew during March, no matter when your membership expires, we’ll add another 12 months onto your current payment schedule, so you won’t lose and months of discounts and specials.) You can stop by any time and buy a membership from a bartender. $40/year, $200/lifetime

 Our staff is one-of-a-kind. The workers meet every two weeks and completely control the day-to-day operations. Of course there are ups and downs, but the mere fact of having control over your workplace is a major, major perk. That kind of precedent is worth supporting in our neighborhood and in our local economy. On behalf of the board of directors and the workers, we want to say thank you to all who have supported the Public House, and hope you renew your membership, join the cooperative, and bring your co-workers, friends, and neighbors into our movement during the month of March.”

Thank you for your support! We couldn’t do this without such a fantastic community.

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This Weekend at RWPH (2/26-3/1)

Thursday February 26th  8:00pm $5

Stubby Chubbz Brass Band + Low Down Sound


Friday February 27th   9:00PM   $5

The Shondes + Prognosis Negative + Lauryl Sulfate and the LOL + Hailey Wojcik

Saturday February 28th

Arte Para Todos: Soul Low + Carpet Kitty + MC Mikal + Pipblank


Sunday March 1st  8:00PM Free

Mondo Radio 4th Anniversary Party

w/ NO/NO + (ORB) + Toupee


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