Press & Literature

Below you will find almost all the articles written about us in chronological order starting with the oldest at the top. At the bottom of the page we have some essays we find inspiring.


Public House is a bar started by neighborhood –

Riverwest Public House creates city’s first cooperative tavern –

The Riverwest Public House: A cooperative effort –

The (Untelevised) Revolution Next Door –

Riverwest Public House almost ready to rock –

Featured bartender: Paul Kjelland of the Riverwest Public House –

Co-op tavern in Riverwest holds grand opening –

Gig Alert: Sandra Simonds and Daniel Borzutzky at Riverwest Public House –,61032/

The Scarring Party will play its last show of 2011 tonight at the Riverwest Public House –,59414/

Cave w/ Absolutely, Trophy Wives, Running and Catacombz @ Riverwest Public House –

Profile: Riverwest Public House Cooperative –

The Real Job Creators at The Riverwest Public House Coop [or] We Drink and Still Recall Walker!!?detail=hide


James Block- Beyond the Crisis of Identity: Toward a Democratic Selfhood and Citizen (2011)

Roger McCain – Cooperative Partnership of Not-for-Profit and Conventional Corporations: A Proposal (2006)

Peter Murphy – Cooperative Solutions: Grassroots Economic Democracy in the US and Abroad (2011)


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